• How to Be a Property Millionaire: From Coronation Street to Canary Wharf

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    Author: Annie Hulley

    Release Date: 30/04/12

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    An excellent guide for anyone interested in bricks and mortar.


    TV star Annie Hulley has amassed a substantial property portfolio in just three years. In this book she explains how she achieved it, the mistakes she learned along the way, and what she's gleamed from the experience. It is an entertaining and practical guide for anyone interested in bricks and mortar.



    "I think of myself as not just a property investor but also a property investigator. I like to experience an area myself first hand. So I take off my actress's hat and put on my detective hat instead and start to 'nose' around. I travel by public transport, I talk to people and I have a drink at the local pub. It's fun and it's rewarding because if I like an area then there's a good chance a tenant or buyer will like it too."


    Purchase: on Amazon

    Edited by Adam Hosker

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