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    UK Property Traders is unique in that we focus primarily on Property Trading. Many of us are also Developers, Renovators and Landlords. We welcome discussions on all manner of topics relating to Property and Trading / Investing in general.

    We set out to provide a forum to share professional knowledge and ideas, NOT primarily to promote mentoring, courses or to sell deals. That makes us a little different! .

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Adam Hosker

Adam Hosker

That Buy to Let Guy

Adam Hosker is is founder of Bespoke Finance and Yes Lettings, two companies established after Adams 21st birthday offering landlord services.

Bespoke Finance an FCA Authorised Mortgage Brokerage Specializing in Buy to Let Mortgages Nationwide went hand in hand with a Letting Agency for portfolio landlords in Yorkshire.

These niche areas made Adam a specialist in Landlordism; the addiction to property began and improving property services and the property community.


Duncan Belton


Owner of Nest Egg Homes Bought first property to rent in 1989. He has been working in property full time since 1998 and has bought, sold, refinanced several hundred since then.

Duncan has been involved in estate agency, lettings but mainly looking after his own portfolio. He is famed to be the first investor to complete the first sale and rent back, but paid market value(?).

Duncan started to build his business doing rent to buy in 2009. Since then he has completed a number of lease options and flipping on options. More recently he has expanded his business on short term lets (serviced accommodation) and bought a hotel.

He also manages a couple of sheltered housing schemes.

Jo Sayer

Jo Sayer

Jo bought her first property, which she still owns, in 1990 and after several renovation projects between overseas postings ditched the day job and enrolled in university, graduating with a First class Honours degree in Planning and Residential Development. Her property portfolio is spread across Doncaster, Nottingham, London and Malta.

Ken E

Ken Edmonson

Director of FlexiProp Ltd, a company offering Flexible Property Solutions to help other Landlords and Investors build their portfolio and achieve their goals.

Full-time Buy-To-Let Landlord and Investor in Bristol and the South-West. Specialise and offer consultancy in Freehold to Leasehold Title Splitting and un-mortgageable Leasehold flats with title issues. Also specialise in rental cash-flow maximisation, using various LHA strategies and also by running House Shares (different, easier and more profitable than most HMO’s).

Have a mixture of professional, working and LHA tenants. Well versed in Tenancy and Housing Benefit law. Fast cash buyer of un-mortgageable or problem properties, with preferred quick exit of selling via auction.

Love BTS Joint Ventures with like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs. Working with others is much more fun!

Co – Founder of UK Property Traders

Louise Savoie

Louise Savoie

Business Owner of Select Serviced Accommodation Ltd and MyRoom UK Ltd.


A bit of my history - 


I bought my first property when I was 18 years old in Canada (where I am from) it was a run down property that I refurbished lived in and sold for a profit.  I also have a good understanding of the Canadian Property market and laws.


My love affair in property started at a very young age, but my fear to leave the corporate world was great and I didn’t make the decision until 2014 that it was time to go for it and follow my dream. I have been in England for 18 years and also have an good understanding of the UK market and enjoy property and buildings in general.


I am concentrating on Rent 2 Rent, Sourcing and Development I suspect I may become a landlord again but it will be only if all my other exit strategies in development don’t work out.  I am Moderator on UK Property Traders Group I own this and other websites.

If you would like to see something on this website please contact me either here or on our group and it will be considered

Rich G

Richard Greenland

UK Property Traders Group Co-Founder and owner of Absolutely Brilliant Properties Ltd. Richard was a builder and carpenter for 30 years before going full-time into property early in 2014.

He is chiefly a property trader and has done multiple JVs in the last 2 years, preferring a quick exit. This preserves his time to do more deals, rather than maximising the profit per deal. Very deep discounts are needed for this strategy to work, which also insures that a second exit (finish the development and sell) and third exit (let) are also viable.

He doesn’t like risk, his first rule is always ‘Don’t lose money’, and he doesn’t take any deal where he sees a significant risk, although to other people who don’t have the same experience, what he does may look risky.

He also invests 30% of his wealth in non-property businesses that do well in times of recession as a hedge.

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